Member Spotlight – Corey Wicks

coreyMeet Corey Wicks:

Employer: RBC Bearings/ Self-Employed

Title: Manufacturing Engineer/ Independent Business Owner

YEP: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do:

CW: My day job consists of supporting the manufacturing floor of an industrial/aerospace components plant. We sell over 30,000 different parts but primarily manufacture gears within my particular plant (PIC Design, Middlebury, CT). I do everything from fixture design to process improvements (5S, 6Sigma, Kaizan).

In the evenings, I recently started my own business which consists of two things: First and foremost – Being a mentor for those trying to establish their own small business. I help with everything from start up to website creation to creating a customer base to produce cash flow. Secondly, building my a clientele base in which to sell product.

YEP: How did you find out about YEP and why did you want to get involved?

CW: I found out about YEP through my roommate. I wanted to get involved originally to meet other professionals in my age group and potentially learn about other opportunities in my field of engineering. Now I’m focused on finding individuals with entrepreneurial type minds wishing to start their own businesses.

YEP: Which YEP event has been your favorite so far?

CW: I’ve enjoyed all of the events! I just like getting to know people in our area and learning about others’ career paths and ways of life. Learning is a passion of mine!

YEP: Tell us more about you. What are your future aspirations?

CW: In 10 to 15 years, I plan to be financially stable enough to retire through the work I put into my business. In the meantime, I’ll be continuing with the engineering career path. Whether that means getting into upper management or cultivating my technical skill to become an expert in a specific field, I haven’t decided.


YEP: Any fun facts or most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you?

How about we play “a truth and two lies”. If you meet me, you can guess which one was the truth.

  1. I went skydiving into a volcano.
  2. I witnessed my own funeral.
  3. I used to sell sea shells by the seashore.

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